8 Chrome extensions to boost your SEO

8 Chrome extensions to boost your SEO

Which browser do you open up first for your daily internet needs? A majority of you will reply – Google Chrome. This browser has constantly placed itself at the first position with a market share of 58.6% over the years, followed by the closest competitor Firefox with 13.45% share. Google chrome not only serves daily internet users with fast performance and reliable results but has also greatly served us SEO experts.

Chrome offers much more than brilliant technical performance and sophisticated user interface. Have you checked out the Chrome extension store lately? It’s full of useful extensions to make your lives a little better every day. Some of the extensions featured by Google Chrome are goldmines – facilitating tedious work, improving your productivity by multiple folds, and making your arduous SEO Seattle tasks much simpler.

It might get a little tough finding out the SEO extensions that are ACTUALLY helpful in Chrome’s gigantic range of SEO plugins available in the Appstore. Here are 8 extensions to help you regarding content organizing, link-building, usability analysis, keyword research, on-page SEO, outreach management and much more.

  1. Keywords everywhere

one of the first requirements of a good SEO strategy is having a list of on-demand, relevant keywords. Now, researching the keywords can be time-consuming. So time-consuming that you won’t have enough time to develop quality contents, which actually matters more for a higher search ranking. Keywords everywhere will speed up the process for you. You can easily find out click-through rate of every keyword across thousands of websites.

  2. MozBar

MozBar overlooks all your SEO needs. Be it backlinks, on-page content, technical SEO, social media engagement. You can find out the popularity of any website through domain authority rate. Mozbar offers opening up the free account in its website to let you access custom searches, link metrics etc. for any specific website.

  3. SEO Site Tools

A comprehensive SEO extension that serves all your requirements. Basic functions include external page data, page tools, domain info, page elements and so on with unique features like trends on Google Webmaster, Social media stats in Google Analytics.

  4. Note AnyWhere

You read that right. As the name suggests, you can literally leave a note anywhere on any website or page. Why is it useful? It expedites your work multiple folds. You can leave a note of a new keyword to be targeted on your website and come back 3 days later to remind you of this keyword. A site’s Quantcast ranking may differ later, making it difficult to find the page later. Note AnyWhere would solve that problem right away for you.

  5. PageSpeed Insights

As an SEO expert, you must know the importance of page speed. With this handy tool, you can look at page speed information for any website optimized for mobile and desktop users. PageSpeed Insights then gives you a score ranging from 0 to 100, a score above 85 is considered splendid. It even gives you the suggestion based on your page speed ranking about improving your website’s speed.

  6. SEO META in one click

 Check out all meta, links, script tags in one place. That too in one click. This SEO plugin in Chrome Appstore displays all previews of images, all SEO information, shows headers in order of how they appear in HTML.

  7. SEOquake

 In case you need an analysis of the major SEO metrics in one place, SEOquake is the go-to Chrome extension for you. SEOquake offers SEO audits with in-depth analysis of SERPs which can be directly exported as CSV file in your computer. This web extension is not only limited to SEO services such as keyword research and difficulty, the search query of web pages and so on. You can easily check your social media engagement parameters to further enhance SEO. The tool also takes traffic sources into account.


SEO SERP gives you search engine rankings based on your search terms. Simple, fast, and efficient user face does not need an expert to understand SEO strategies. If you are one of those people who is constantly checking webpage ranks, this little tool can be the blessing providing you fast results.

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