6 awesome iPhone 6 tricks to make life easier

6 awesome iPhone 6 tricks to make life easier

Many of us would agree that smartphones have made lives easier in general, we can have many apps to cover daily tasks and routines, to organize the routine and to manage our time more effectively. There are however several tricks and paths that iPhone users ignore, and by ignoring them, they do not take full advantage of its capabilities and functionalities.

There are several tricks people don’t know but if they knew tasks would be a lot faster and therefore productive.

Trick number 1: take care of it

First thing first, every iPhone user needs to know is that the device must be protected. How many screens have been broken because of a slip or incorrect handling? Too many, of course. The use of a protective cover is more than enough to guarantee some protection, the iPhone 6 and 6s Case is a must for every user because it will ensure the use of a complete and functional smartphone for a longer time for its user.

Trick number 2: Do you want multiple pics?

Many pics can be taken with minimum time and effort by holding down the shutter icon; the volume keys can also do the job. This will allow you to have multiple photos taken in a split of a second so that you can choose the one that has the best attributes. Some people prefer to have multiple photos taken to try different filters and effects without risking the original work.

Trick number 3: Duplicate pictures and videos

Sometimes we want to edit one of the files to fit a specific purpose, and after doing all the editing, we discover that the original file is damaged and we have lost it. The perfect solution to this is to duplicate the pic in by selecting the image and pressing the share icon; there you will see the option to duplicate. This way you will save the original work, and you will work on a copy.

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Trick number 4: Custom vibrations

One very useful trick that most iPhones have when compared to other phones and other operating systems is the possibility to create custom vibrations for your incoming calls. This feature will allow you to know who’s calling even when having the phone in complete silence. Go to the ringtones menu and select vibrations, in the following submenu you should see the option “Create New Vibration.” There you can go to start tapping your vibration pattern for notifications.

Trick number 5: Add password protection to notes

Sometimes we might store sensitive and private information in the notes section of the iPhone, and it is important to protect them from third parties. Bank account information, phone numbers, name and directions that you consider should be protected can have a password, just press the setting icon in the note and select “passwords.” This way your information can have an extra layer of safety.

Trick number 6: Reach the top of the screen easily

One very useful feature is reachability. Just press the home button twice and then shift the screen down closer to your thumb. Once you have done what you wanted and have made the click or selection, the screen will go back to its original position. You can do all this by using just one hand which is a great deal.

How to know all this

Most of these tricks are unknown to iPhone users, and there are much more that can be explored and learned to make the most out of this amazing tool. It is unbelievable how much of its potential is lost due to the lack of information on all the tricks, shortcuts and tasks that an iPhone can perform without having to download multiple apps.

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The same phenomena are happening with many other software and devices. Apparently, people are too interested in getting their basic tasks done and therefore do not explore the gadget to learn and understand how to perform tasks easier and more efficiently. If only a small amount of time was devoted to learning how the device works truly, there would be a much complete use of its full potential.

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