How Much Money Does a Smart Home Save

How Much Money Does a Smart Home Save

These days, a guide to smart home technology is becoming more and more common. People are programming everything in their homes to save money, from their air conditioner thermostat to their fridge Smart technology for the families.

Smart home tech often merges two hot topics in tech right now: the internet of things and green home technology. The average home in the United States spends around $3,000 in utilities, but what if you could almost cut that in half using smart technology?

Some devices save more energy than others. For example, according to a recent study done by Simply Self Storage, a smart thermostat can save you around $219 a year by regulating the amount of energy your air conditioner uses.

A smart power strip can save you around $200 a year and pays for itself in about two months, making it one of the most cost-efficient devices. In contrast, a smart dryer may seem high-tech with its moisture sensing and energy monitoring, but it only saves about $20 a year, paying for itself in 55 years. Ouch! In addition, you will want to look into some handy storage solutions if you want to save space in addition to saving money with your smart home.

Check out the infographic below to compare smart home tech and see which are really the most cost-effective.

How Much Money Does a Smart Home Save

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